Thursday 28 August 2014

YHA Patterdale - Lake District

We hike 13 miles from Windermere to Patterdale. A previously enthusiastic idea turned into a spiritless tread by the roadside. Having arrived on a Saturday, we're greeted with no buses and expensive taxis to get to our Youth Hostel. The leaden weight of my rucksack digs painfully into my shoulders as we shuffle onwards, intent on reaching our accommodation before nightfall. 

An ironic sign mocking our efforts along the way.

I press my hands underneath my rucksack straps in a vague attempt to stop the pack weight rubbing against my shoulders. The sky, acting as nature's clock, progressively got darker and darker. 
We eventually reached Patterdale Youth Hostel in the early evening. I unclip my bag away from me and feel instant relief as I peel the burdensome weight off my back. My knees throb painfully, protesting against the unplanned, concrete walk. 

I feel at home at the Youth Hostel. The lounge area looks out towards flour white mountains and the room is full of soft, squashy blue arm-chairs and nut brown coffee tables. I retire to bed straight away, ready to embrace our planned hike up to Helvellyn (950m). 

YHA Patterdale Lounge 
Bed! (female dorms available)


After breakfast we set off, following a trail towards Glenridding. We pass Red Tarn and Grismere tarn but we decide against ascending Helvellyn via Striding Edge due to the winter conditions. 

The view of Striding Edge from Helvellyn 
Overall, it was a beautiful days walk within easy access of our hostel. We returned back to Patterdale via a circular route through Glenridding and we felt that it was a trip made possible due to convenience of location and good value accommodation.

Travel Tips  

  • You can get cheap train tickets by booking as far in advance as possible with lots of flexibility. I paid for x2 singles at £22.10 each from London Euston to Oxenholme, Lake District. 
  • Lake District is notoriously expensive for accommodation, and even camping is quite pricey (around £8.00 per night). We stayed at a Youth Hostel (YHA Patterdale), for £15.00 per night. Buy membership for £3.00 off per nights stay. 
  • A single bus ticket from Patterdale to Windermere is £6.25. Although buses are irregular (around 1 every 2 hours) they are definitely manageable. Just pick up a bus timetable and plan in advance instead of turning up at a bus stop.

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