My Wall of Stuff

We encounter it everywhere, travel memorabilia. It ranges from tacky key-rings, to postcards, figurines, tea towels and even pill boxes. Travelling yields unforgettable, life-long memories for me. A photo can reduce me to tears, a bus ticket can reawaken those old, brilliant memories.

This page is dedicated to all those little things that I've accumulated abroad. Although some of them are gathering dust in my cupboard & desk drawers, they will always have personal value to me.

My Wall of Stuff

Wall scrapbook

A wall dedicated to everything that I love. I've got everything from foreign money/theatre tickets/travel photos/karate pictures stuck on my wall as a reminder to all those little activities we do that bring us joy. 

The best souvenirs in life are free: 

Ghana 2011
After volunteering in Juaso Village in April 2011, our volunteer team attended a leaving ceremony and each female team member was presented with a locally crafted bracelet. Electronic speakers were brought in. We danced the night away with hundreds of local school children. 

Uganda 2012
Hand in hand with little Emily, we trekked up to Nametsi. It was around 2 hour walk up to Omnigate orphanage. I panted all the way to the top. Emily didn't break a sweat. After leaving the orphanage Dani (the orphanage establisher) presented me with the little sewed box as a gift for visiting.

Nepal 2010

A present from my wonderful host mum in Nepal who I grew to love so much.
Uganda 2012

"Madam!, hear take this" Sometimes it was note. Other times I received an egg or a avocado from the pupils at Bunabumali. The children had nothing yet they handed me small gifts as a Thank you just for me being there...
Thailand 2007
I remember vividly a GCSE Geography Lesson and how tourists destroyed the sea environment from breaking away coral.  This was handed to me by a tour operator and has remained with me since. It reminds me of the crystal clear seas in Thailand. 

Portugal 2013

My sister and I met an old British photographer who had migrated to Portugal  in search of finding a better life. We had an in depth chat, he took us to a local pottery crafts shop and brought us a hand painted candle holder each. 
Morocco 2013

Abi and I were strolling through the souks of Marrakesh. We were invited for free tea. Yousef, the shopkeeper we met, gave us a massage and insisted upon presenting us both with a free lip balm pot/tooth-pick brush before we left. 

South Korea 2013 
After volunteering at English camp, the kids that we taught all came up to the stage and presented us with goodbye cards/letters and gifts. It was a really emotional moment that I will always remember. 

Nicaragua 2013
10 weeks in Nicaragua with ICS/Raleigh International! This t-shirt was given out to all the volunteers and I wore it over and over again for building eco-ovens, preparing vegetable plots and for digging to lay down water pipes. 

Turkey 2014
Given to us by our tour operator, Alex, who went above and beyond to meet our requests. He gave us a brilliant price for white water rafting, off-road driving and a tour of Pamukkale and welcomed us on our first day with ice-cream and Turkish green apple tea. 

My cork world map :)

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