Sunday 4 November 2012

Euro Road Trip.

1,476km, 4 countries, 5 days and the memories that will last a life-time
Sea (Zeeland Island, Netherlands)
City (Ghent, Belgium)
Rural villages (Fischerhude, Germany)
Sand-dunes (Zeeland Island, The Netherlands)

Camping under the stars. 

In a nutshell, we travelled from:
- Calais to Oyten (German rural campsite)
- Oyten to Fischerhude (Germany)
- Fischerhude to Bremen (Germany)
- Bremen to Amsterdam (Germany > The Netherlands)
- Amsterdam to Den Haag (The Netherlands)
- Den Haag to Middlesburg (The Netherlands)
- Middlesburg to Ghent (The Netherlands > Belgium)
- Ghent to Brugges (Belgium)
- Brugges back to Calais (Belgium > France) 

Ferry, petrol, food, car rental spending money and accommodation included, our adventure trip came to less then £50 a day! (Even with your own car travelling doesn't cost the world) :)

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