Tuesday 12 July 2011

First post, yay. International Primate Rescue

Writing a blog always struck as a weird idea to me. Someone publicly reading your perspective and view on things? Naaah.

But it's been 2 days since returning from International Primate Rescue, South Africa. I can't stop thinking about it. I've had a amazing time, and my love for animals has trebled tenfold. I miss living in a dormitory with 10 other people. I miss frozen soup for lunch and stew concoctions for dinner. Even the freezing cold nights wrapped in a sleeping bag, 2 blankets, with a hot water bottle and a flurry accompaniment of cats or a dog on the bed.

I thought blogging would be a great means of reflection. I'm a travel junkie. It's always the small things that make travelling so wonderful, so when faced with the forever reoccurring question of  "How was your trip?" The reply is always along the lines of simple, one worded replies such as "Good" or "Great".
It's incredibly difficult describing vocally all the crazy little happenings abroad, the amazing people you meet and the things you see. Hopefully my blog will give you a better insight of my trip to South Africa (and maybe other countries too) and what I got up to :).

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